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How this film can help your organization

We know from the reception of LOVE AND COMMUNICATION that it connects with parents and professionals in the autism world, as well as general audiences. We also feel this film can also be used to help families and autism organizations in practical ways. 

The Autism Communication Gap

We see and hear a lot about autism in the media. People know rates are higher and more individuals with autism are speaking for themselves. We hear less about:

  • What parents go through when getting an autism diagnosis.

  • The emotional impact of autism on relationships. 

  • The disconnects between administrators, instructors and parents.

  • The lack of equity in services. 

Love and Communication has a series of sequences in which relatable characters confront these issues directly. These sequences can be used in live screenings or online events to help people improve communication, understand how to get the right kind of support, and feel more empowered. 

Live and Virtual Screenings

We can arrange for live screenings of Love and Communication along with custom panels to foster input, answer questions and engage members of organizations. 

Online Events

We can provide tailored, interactive presentations geared to specific audiences who might benefit from learning more about the impact of autism on families. Featuring clips from the film and live input from an expert in family education and parent training, these online sessions are a dynamic way of engaging people about autism and providing practical resources to improve communication and understanding. 

To learn more about live or online events, contact us

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