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About Love and Communication

Love and Communication is a unique film in that it shows, in personal terms, what parents, family members, teachers and school administrators go through in trying to provide care for a child with autism.

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Feedback from Screenings

  • "Loved Love and Communication!!! Great playing, awesome story with interesting surprises."
              -- Miriam T, Autism Parent, New Jersey (New Hope Film Festival)

  • "The relationships within the family, all the things it touched upon, hit so close to home for me, and I thank you for being so delicate, preserving the dignity of everybody involved."
               --Maria P.  Autism Parent, Moscow, Russia (Breaking Down Barriers Film Festival)

  • "It was an amazing movie. Loved the story, the acting, the dialogue, the score, the toggling to the child’s perspective of the world. And the scenes of him captivated by the fan and lining up the toys were so evocative. Brilliant work!" 

                   --Debbie P.  (New Hope Film Festival)

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Breaking Down Barriers Festival, Moscow, November 2022. They translated my dialogue into Cyrillic!


Arizona Intl Film Festival, May 2022. My wife was impressed we opened for Manscaping

Jim on the mic after sold-out screening at New Hope Film Festival, August, 2022

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Logline, synopsis, team bios, specs and more.  


Our Team

James Christy Jr. (Writer/Director/Producer) is an award-winning playwright and filmmaker. Recent plays include THE FOREVER QUESTION, which won the B Street Comedy Festival in 2018; A GREAT WAR, which was nominated for a Barrymore Award for Best New Play in 2016; LOVE AND  COMMUNICATION, which won the Brown Martin Award in 2012.  He was a featured dayplayer in DEAD POETS SOCIETY. (yes, he stood on his desk).

Kevin Granahan (Producer) An entertainment professional since the late 1980s, Kevin has worked extensively across the spectrum of production,

features, docs, as well as work as a consultant and EP. Kevin Granahan
Television Production is a boutique production company working for Fortune 50 corporations as well web and television outlets.

Matt Luber (Executive Producer) serves as a manager with Luber Roklin Entertainment, a company he founded in 2001. In addition to representing several actors, including Paul Walker of the Fast and Furious franchise and Stephen Moyer of True Blood, Luber Roklin Entertainment has produced a number of films, including EVAN ALMIGHTY and BRIDE WARS.

Rob Margolies (Producer) Rob is a director and producer, known for SHE WANTS ME (2012), ALL YOU CAN EAT (2018) and ROOMMATE WANTED (2015).


Zinarta (Producer) Zinarta is an actress, writer, director and producer, known for JENNY (2017), A YEAR AND A DAY (2017) and performing in and producing LOVE AND COMMUNICATION.


James Douglas Alexander (Executive Producer) James is a producer known for ALL YOU CAN EAT (2018), VIOLETS and LOVE AND COMMUNICATION. 

JD Diskin (Executive Producer)  JD is Chief Sales Officer at Power Home Remodeling Group.  He likes the New York Mets.  

Gabi Faye (Associate Producer) Gabi is a writer, producer, director and actor known for DIRTY GIRL, YES, and performing in and associate producing LOVE AND COMMUNICATION. 


Hilary Greer (Associate Producer) Hilary is an actress, producer, and the owner of HBG Casting LLC which specializes in independent film known for LAW & ORDER: SVU, TOMMY, and TRICK. 


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