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Love and Communication: Synopsis
"A face touched by God."
This is how Sammy Holden is described by his normally reserved case manager. He is, by all accounts, a spectacularly beautiful child. His parents, school administrators, therapists and lawyers fighting about the best way to treat his autism all agree on that. And practically nothing else. What therapy should be used, what school he should go to, even the diagnosis itself.
For Sammy’s father Rob, it’s simple. Do anything necessary – anything – to get him into Turning Point, possibly the best private school for children with autism in the country. Despite a years-long waiting list and impossible tuition fees, Rob pursues the school’s founder, hoping to turn a personal connection into an opportunity for his child.  

For Sammy’s mother Megan, the answer is a new therapy patented by a charismatic doctor named David Silverman. He’s created a small empire selling his program online with DVDs, seminars and expensive consultations. His approach is practically the opposite of Turning Point’s, encouraging parents to focus on creating an emotional bond with their child instead of pursuing more traditional learning methods. Megan thinks the program could be the answer to help her know her son better. Rob thinks it’s a scam that takes advantage of vulnerable parents. 
Both Rob’s efforts to persuade the founder of Turning Point and Megan’s connection to Silverman grow increasingly personal. As these efforts take them in unexpected directions, their marriage -- and their relationship with their son -- hangs in the balance.

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