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We're Wrapped!

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

After an incredibly intense, stressful and beautiful three weeks, we wrapped principal photography for Love and Communication. I thought I knew what I was getting myself into. We set up a very ambitious shooting schedule with many locations and many script pages to cover per day. So, yes, I knew there would be challenges, I knew it would be hard work. But really nothing in the world could have prepared me for this.

Movie shoots seem to have their own being. Like they're a living thing. Their birth is incredibly painful, and then after that there are near-constant tears and howling. But there are also smiles and laughs and love. And this shoot, while in many ways an outrageously colicky baby, was profoundly beautiful. The performances from the actors were consistently first rate: funny and real and sad. The cast and crew who stuck this thing out with me showed such warmth and heart throughout the process and by the end I felt like I was losing a very close friend.

But this friend will be by my side in the coming months as I try to shape this footage into a film. I'm beyond excited and grateful for the opportunity.

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