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Crew Profile: Eddie and Miguel

So I'm doing a sidelight on my series of cast profiles to do a crew profile. Focusing on our all-world camera team of Eddie Bernard and Miguel Zamora. Can not say enough about these guys. But I'll try.

Some of you may know we lost a chunk of our crew including the original director of photography shortly after we started shooting my film. If you don’t know the story I’m happy to rehash over a beer at some point.

Bottom line is it was a really challenging time. We had a really ambitious shoot, people were working hard and the rug got pulled out from under us. There were some demoralized folks on our crew.

Eddie and Miguel came on set with basically 48 hours notice and right away they changed everything.

First, they were professionals. They took their jobs seriously, Eddie worked closely with me to understand what I wanted and then would (quickly) figure out the best and most creative way to execute.

Eddie on the right with the smile and the camera. Miguel with the beard 3rd from the left.

But just as important, they came at everything with this great, fun, can-do attitude. All the sudden everyone was enjoying making a movie. Problems came up, problems were solved. Eddie was inventive with his shots and patient with his first-time Director as I took quite a bit of time working with my actors. He understood it’s a character driven for film and that was the priority.

Eddie also has an amazing background as a ballet dancer (!) and bar and club owner among other things. He rivals the dude in the Dos Equis ads as most interesting man in the world. Miguel is unflaggingly positive, fun and has been super helpful to me throughout post-production.

If you're in the film production business, seek them out. If you're not, try to say hello at the screening in New Hope Film Festival, assuming they can make it (they're busy guys). If not I'm sure we'll have a New York premiere down the road.

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