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The Pre-Post Post

I've learned there's a hangover period after you wrap a movie. You've been in this profound whirlwind of drama and artistic activity. You were, like it or not, fully central in something throughout it's duration. People actually listened to what you say. As a parent of three, that concept is almost completely foreign to you. I can yell, "cut" all I want around here and it will have no impact on the behavior of anything.

But beyond the mild rush of director power (I've dropped the "von Christy") what you miss are the people. The people who wrapped my movie, who stuck it out through a particularly challenging shoot, were some of the coolest, kindest and most giving people I've known. And I'm profoundly thankful to have met them and that they gave their talent to my film.

And so now, it's on me to take all those great efforts and make something of them. Mostly by myself, which is how it all started when I began writing notes on the original script for this half a lifetime ago. I'm editing the film myself which is daunting but exciting. I've bought a new computer and just starting to do the work of figuring out how to piece things together (I will be watching a lot of youtube videos made by people young enough to be my child).

So I'm in hopeful/excited mode right now. I'm sure in the coming weeks I'll be in desperately confused and possibly depressed mode. I'll be sure to blog about those too so you have the whole picture...

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