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About  Love and Communication

How far would you go to do what you think is best for your child?


Love and Communication is about a couple so desperate to help their son they make decisions that threaten their family. 

The situation is unique, but the story is universal. Watch this video to see my family's path supporting my own son, and why I think this film can resonate with anyone. 

-- James Christy, Writer/Director

A story that resonates

The play Love and Communication was produced by Passage Theater in 2010.  Word of mouth within the tight-knit autism community spread quickly and carried over to mainstream audiences, leading to sold out shows in the final week.The production won the Brown Martin Barrymore Award in 2011.

A topic of interest
Autism is increasingly being reflected in television and film. But there has yet to be a narrative feature that directly addresses the impact on parents of getting an autism diagnosis. While the world of Love and Communication involves a mysterious condition, and an almost Kafka-esque quest for the right treatment, at its core the film is a universal story about a couple struggling to find common ground.
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