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...a film about autism in real life.



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Upcoming Screenings/Presentations

Love and Communication screening at Bryn Mawr Film Institute on July 17th at 7pm. Tickets and info here. (I think we'll sell out! but I've been wrong before!). 

What people are saying


"To pull out the rug from an audience and make it gasp even once is an achievement; to do it twice is close to miraculous."
--Peter Filichia, NJ Star Ledger  Read full review 

"A one-of-a-kind film that will resonate with audiences worldwide."

--Paul Cimins, Autism Radio

"Loved Love and Communication!!! Great playing, awesome story with interesting surprises."
-- Miriam T, Autism Parent, New Jersey (New Hope Film Festival)

"The relationships within the family, all the things it touched upon, hit so close to home for me, and I thank you for being so delicate, preserving the dignity of everybody involved."
--Maria P.  Autism Parent, Moscow, Russia (Breaking Down Barriers Film Festival)


"It was an amazing movie. Loved the story, the acting, the dialogue, the score, the toggling to the child’s perspective of the world. And the scenes of him captivated by the fan and lining up the toys were so evocative. Brilliant work!" 

--Debbie P.  (New Hope Film Festival)

Why I made Love and Communication

Parents of kids with autism aren't heroes. When I hear the well-meaning, "I don't know how you do it," I nod my head politely, but think to myself: "because I don't have a choice." 

This film shows the real struggle of highly imperfect people, trying to do what's best for their child but stumbling along the way.  Check out the video below to meet our son Jimmy and learn more about our story. 

-- Jim Christy (Writer/director)

A film about what it's like for parents

Samuel Holden's parents are desperate to find the right treatment for their son.


After another depressing meeting with their school district's case manager, Samuel’s father goes to extreme lengths to try to get his son into an expensive private school. Meanwhile his mother pursues a costly but unproven therapy technique marketed by a charismatic internet figure. 

While the world of Love and Communication involves a mysterious condition, and an almost Kafka-esque quest for the right treatment, at its core the film is a universal story about a couple struggling to find common ground.


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